President & Chief Executive Officer

As CEO and President, Lynda is an innovative thinker with broad-based expertise in finance, sales, operations and business development. Lynda is an energetic leader known for her ability to envision and create successful outcomes in complex situations. Her proven record of accomplishment in analyzing key business drivers and developing strategies to grow the corporation's bottom line; coupled with her tenacious commitment to driving sales, profit and market-share growth has made her a trailblazer in the financial industry. Before becoming CEO of Goldove Entertainment, Lynda was a Director of Business Development for the Royal Bank Financial Group on a nationwide level. Educated in Trinidad and Canada, she worked for the Bank of Nova Scotia, the Ministry of Finance of Trinidad & Tobago and the Royal Bank of Canada for 23 years. During her tenure with RBC, Lynda received numerous distinguished achievements and awards for sales and service. She was one of the most consistent sales performers for eighteen years and was awarded RBC’s most prestigious award, the LEO Award. Lynda was also featured on the Annual Corporate Responsibility Report in 2005 along with the top sales and service employees worldwide. She spearheaded one of the largest financial strategies for the Royal Bank of Canada in conjuction with RBC's national office which was centered around the health care professionals financing strategy. This program was very successful for the bank and was responsible for generating extremely high revenues and was considered one of their most successful pilot programs in the long and decorated history of Royal Bank of Canada. Lynda is more than a goal oriented achiever with a unique sales ability, her exemplary networking skills, superior leadership experience, fashion and musical background, makes her the ideal executive to lead Goldove Entertainment to success. Lynda’s achievements also include substantial fund raising efforts which includes hospitals in Canada, underprivileged children's causes and numerous non-profit organizations for which she has been recognized with uncountable community awards and corporate honours. Lynda was awarded by several international organizations around the world for financial guidance, support and development in their community.



Gino McKoy is a multi-talented singer/songwriter/screenwriter/actor and producer. He graduated from the University of Toronto with a HBA degree in world religion and political science, with a background in economics. Prior to his endeavors into the film and music industry, Gino worked for the Royal Bank of Canada and several notable investment firms on Bay street in Toronto, Canada. He attended the Mississauga school of music in Ontario and was classically trained by Dr. Marat Maxutov, a renowned pianist and vocal instructor from the Russian conservatory of music. During Gino’s university years, he was the founder and president of various cultural groups and successfully maintained leadership roles in several sporting organizations worldwide. Gino is an accomplished young artist who has achieved success in the music, sports and political arena. Gino has gained invaluable insight into the music industry and released non-commercial music while studying and working in the financial world. In 2005, at the classical steel drums competition in the United Kingdom, one of his original songs placed third in the youth competition. It was also featured on Scandanavian television as an intro to a well known music program. In 2006 at the World Cup soccer tournament held in Germany, The New York Times rated another of his original songs as “their favorite support song". A third original song by Gino was played on the first day of the opening match of the World Cup of cricket in the Caribbean in 2007 and was heard by over one billion television viewers worldwide. All three songs were rated highly by worldwide media outlets such as The New York Times, CBC, BBC, German radio and the French and Holland newspapers. These achievements had little or no marketing budget yet gained substantial international exposure. In 2009, Gino started working with Canadian sound engineer/producer Nick Blagona at Metalworks Studios in Canada where he commenced engineering work on his commercial debut pop rock album. Subsequently, the project was transitioned to legendary Hollywood Producer/A&R David Kershenbaum for further development and commcercial release worldwide. During the initial stages of Gino's debut album he was offered an international record and publishing deal from an established UK music label. However, Gino declined due to his involvement in developing his own multimedia corporation. Gino's passionate commitment and innovative ideas are destined to catapult Goldove Entertainment to worldwide acclaim.   



With over 45 years as a musician and a songwriter, Hudson is an essential asset to Goldove Entertainment with his ability to produce consistently strong commercially viable music. His compositional and arrangement skills, often showcased by his piano expertise, have helped to create a soulful and captivating sound with superior melodies and messages. Hudson also has a strong background in finance, insurance, electronics and computer configuration. He served as an assistant manager for the Royal Bank of Canada for a period of fifteen years. He was educated in Canada and Trinidad and attended Saint Mary’s University in Canada, Sheridan College in Ontario and obtained certification from the Trinity College of Music in the United Kingdom. His musical career began at an early age with piano lessons at the age of five. Hudson organized musical bands and toured throughout the Caribbean, parts of Canada and performs with a Los Angeles based blues band. The music and lyrics of Hudson and Gino are a fusion of international musical rhythms from around the world including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and the melodic sounds of the Caribbean islands. As partners, they collaborate on musical scores and create uplifting, melodic, rhythmic and embracing commerical compositions. Hudson’s lifelong relationship with music is a significant advantage for Goldove Entertainment and his indelible commitment to the success of this venture is proven by his resourceful management and musical skills.